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Frequently Asked Questions
For any subject not covered in this section, you can contact us  here.

How can I edit my profile ?

You can edit your information from '' My Profile '' in the main menu.

After I get registered, can I change my e-mail or password ?

You can always change your e-mail or password from '' My Profile '' in the main menu.

What is ''User Profile'', ''Company Profile'' and ''Freelance Profile'' ?

After you get registered,you are displayed with your  “user profile” in all the lists,this is why it is important that you fill your user profile completely.You can also fill your education and experience details in your user profile.

When you become a member, you may choose to  create a page for your company or for yourself ,if you are a freelancer ,from “My profile” in the main menu.

Company and freelance pages are displayed only in company and freelance categories.

What is ''contacts'' ?

You can add new contacts and correspond with them to cultivate your business.You can filter your contact on company or country basis from”contacts” on the main menu.You may invite other contacts to be in your connection or be invited.You may also choose to decline accepting the  incoming invitations where you may decide for it at a later period.


What is My TexComplex?

You can personalize your site by creating your own texcomplex where there are:

*followed companies:companies that you follow.

*followed freelances:freelances that you follow

*followers:the ones who are following you

*favorite stocks:stocks which have been marked as”favorite” by you.

*stock visitors:the ones who have visited your stocks.

*notepad:your working page to take your notes when surfing in the site.

*members:you can view/filter  members of texcomplex.com .


How can I present my stocks at TexComplex?

In order to present your stocks at TexComplex, you need to create a TexComplex account for your company(you can create an account here). After you complete the membership process, you can create individual pages for your stocks very easily: just choose your stock’s category, fill in stock information and upload stock pictures if available. Your stocks will be placed automatically.

How many stocks can I create?

TexComplex is currently in the beta phase. In this phase, you can create as many stocks as you want.

Who can view my stocks?

Everybody visiting TexComplex can obtain brief information about all the stocks available. Visitors must register to obtain access to the detailed information of any stock.

Can anybody create an account at TexComplex?

TexComplex welcomes all professionals of the textile industry. Membership is not limited to any geographical region or subsector.

How can I remove my sold stocks from TexComplex?

Follow the My Stock link and choose the stock you want to deactivate. Uncheck the Active checkbox and save your preference.

What is "Expiry Date"?

In order to ensure that the stocks presented on TexComplex are current, stocks are automatically deactivated in 6 months. If your stock is still available in 6 months, all you need to do for reactivation is to check the Active checkbox in your stock detail page.

What are the numbers next to the categories?

The figures indicate the number of stocks available in the category.

How can I find a stock?

You can browse categories or use the built-in search mechanism. The search mechanism allows you to search for products or companies.

What are Most Viewed Stocks?

The most viewed stocks are the most visited stocks in their categories determined based on user actions.

What is the ''Discussion Boards'' ?

The Discussion board enables the members to express their ideas,exchange views,comment on discussions or start  a new discussion.


What is "Inbox"?

TexComplex presents its users a built in messaging system to foster effective communications between parties. You can contact a user from the company information page, or inquiry about a specific stock from the stock’s page. You can view your messages from your inbox.

How to promote my fair?


We have listed for you the fairs in the world which we could determine. If you are the organizer of one of the listed fairs ,you may promote your fair in  further details in our list.If the fair or fairs you are organizing do not appear in our lists, you may ask us to add and create your Fair Promotion Page.


Photo gallery where you may put photos of your fair site.<br />Exhibitor list which may  be seen by the users through  the link you will provide.
List of the exhibitors or visitors which are also members of Texcomplex.


If you have submitted us the promotion of your fair,your fair will be displayed as colored in the Fair Organization List. Your Promotion Page is created together.Only thing you have to do is to submit to us your Fair Promotion Page and sales office contact details by e-mail  in HTML format.Further details may be conveyed mutually.
Texcomplex publishes your Fair Promotion Page for 3 days free of charge & in this period you may carry out the required revisions.In the meantime ,the amount will be collected and then your Fair Promotion Page will be active till the starting date of the fair.The system will de-activate the  promotion page for which the amount is unpaid within 3 days . After collecting the amount,Texcomplex will announce your fair to its members by mailing for  3 times ,in equal intervals, till the starting date of your fair.One week prior to your fair a final mailing to Texcomplex members will be done for reminding  about the fair..
Pricing is for one time and it is usd 900.Texcomplex may not change pricing for the promotion page it has collected but may revize the general  pricing for future transactions .
The user clicking your fair in the list is directed to your Fair Promotion Page.

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