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TERMS & CONDITIONS OF USING www. texcomplex.com


1) Please read the below written conditions to use this internet web site.In case you do not accept these conditions, please do not use this site.The owner of the site keeps the right to change the information, forms, content ,the site itself and terms and conditions of using the site whenever is needed.
2) The owner of the site (will be referred to as BARCA from now on)is situated in Barbaros Bulvari, Nispetiye Mahallesi, Uygur Is merkezi, No 102 D:1/7 Besiktas/Istanbul. All the services rendered by this site and outlined in the 3rd article of the Terms and Conditions are provided by BARCA.
3) The ones who have paid the cost of the services provided by this site,the ones who are using them free, any real person or legal entity who have gained access to the site by any means will be assumed to have read and accepted the below terms and conditions. BARCA keeps the right to change the terms and contidions mentioned on this contract anytime,without giving any notification to the user.In case of a change,the change will be published on the site and will be valid on the date it is published.The real person or legal entities getting the service rendered by www.texcomplex .com or who got access to the site by any means will be assumed to have accepted the changes made by BARCA on the terms and conditions of this contract.
4) The terms and conditions of using www. texcomplex.com have been put into force and made possible to be accessed by all the users by being published on the site after the final revision on 08.05.2012. This contract is the total for any made or to be-made membership contracts done or to be-done with the ones who have or have not paid to use the services provided by the BARCA  services.

SITE :internet web site, possible to get access from the main domain name www. texcomplex.com or from any sub domain names related to the main domain,rendering services within the frame drawn by "BARCA"..
ONES ENTERING TO THE SITE : every real person or corporate entity who has reached to texcomplex.com from online environment.
LINK :connection which makes possible access to information within texcomplex.com or to files,content of other internet sites over www. texcomplex.com OR access to files and content of www. texcomplex.com over other internet sites.
INFORMATION :all sorts of information,writing,file,picture,video,number…etc.visual,written and audio images established or access made possible by www. texcomplex.com.
BARCA DATA BASE :database which belongs to BARCA, texcomplex.com & protected by article no:5846 of The Law of Conceptual and Art Works by which the content reached within the site are being kept,classified,can be interrogated and accessed.
MEMBER :every real person or corporate entity who has accepted online the terms and conditions of the membership process issued by BARCA on www. texcomplex.com for the services rendered on the site and who has gained right to use the services provided by the site as a result of their membership being accepted online by BARCA (www.texcomplex.com).
MEMBERSHIP AGREEMENT :electronical agreement ,integral part of this Terms and Conditions,which is contracted online between BARCA and the MEMBER as a result of the given online consent of the member during the membership registration process. At the time they have become member,by paying the fee or by free of charge,every real person or corporate entity accept the membership choices the site offers according to the membership type they have chosen. Texcomplex.com keeps the right to change the membership types over time.
ANNOUNCEMENT PERIOD :being at the announcement adding page ,shows the period during which the member wants their announcement to be displayed .This time period has been limited to 3 months now for the ones with or without charge options,texcomplex.com(BARCA) keeps the right to change this time period whenever is needed,it can make different pricing for the periods,can create new by payment options,can make new pricing for the options created.In case of a change,texcomplex.com(BARCA)shall announce them by updating the Terms and Conditions.It is the responsibility of the users to follow the changes in the Terms and Conditions.

BARCA texcomplex.com, within the framework of the information given in the site,provides the members the means to; publish their announcements,open virtual store,taking and giving offers,to realize sales,to collect sales amount,to communicate with members or any one entering the site(by sms,e-mail,internal messaging..etc).

BARCA (texcomplex.com) keeps the right to make any change in the content and presenting conditions of the services given by the site. BARCA texcomplex.com is not responsible from the contracts done by real persons or corporate entities,their way of trading,collecting the amount,quality of the goods traded…etc.

1)Users may only use the site for lawful purposes.All the legal & criminal liability of the acts done by the users and members on the site will belong to themselves.
2) site works on the fact that all the information loaded by the members on the database of texcomplex.com may be seen by everbody entering the site. BARCA (texcomplex.com)does not guarantee the correctness ,safety,lawfulness of any information displayed,it can not be kept responsible for it.
3)the ones entering the site accept and commit themselves not to compete with BARCA (texcomplex.com) directly or indirectly by multiplying,copying or distributing all sorts of pictures,texts,visual or audio images,video clips,files,databses,catalouges and lists within the site.
4)the members and all the users accept and commit themselves for the correctness and legality of the information and content provided by them within the site. BARCA (texcomplex.com) can not be kept responsible from the correctness,safety,legality of the information provided by the members and users.
5) the members and all the users accept and commit themselves not to make any facility that will result in unfair competition within the site according to the international law & not to damage the personal & commercial honour and personal rights of BARCA (texcomplex.com) and third parties .
6) BARCA (texcomplex.com)keeps the right,without any announcement,to change the services rendered & the contents within the site.
7) the members and all the users are obliged to make the changes and/or corrections demanded by BARCA (texcomplex.com) at once.Changes & corrections demanded by texcomplex.com shall be done by texcomplex.com itself if needed.In case the the changes and/or corrections demanded are not done at once,the damages,legal and criminal liabilities evolved or will evolve belong to all the ones entering the site or to the members.
8) All the users are obliged to use the information they have access within the site only according to the purposes announced by the ones who have put the info. or by texcomplex.com.
9) BARCA texcomplex.com may classify and keep the database entered by all the users and members to the site , in accordance with confidentiality policy & membership agreement. texcomplex.com may also use information such as address,phone,IP address,date and hour of the users and members of the site for statistical evaluation and improvement of service quality purposes.
10)Access by the third parties to the database, where content displayed over the site is kept, is legal only within the framework BARCA has permitted in Terms and Conditions.BARCA has the right to sue any other breaches which will be illegal.Third parties BARCA has permittted in writing still shall not partially or completely copy,multiply and use elsewhere the information in the database.
11)it is forbidden to copy,multiply,display elsewhere the announcements published over texcomplex.com.
The design,logo,other codes,interfaces,idea applications have been taken from the third real persons and corporate entities by license, BARCA keeps the right to sue the ones who use,multiply,copy these.
12)We are trying to keep texcomplex.com operative,without virus and safe,but all the possible risks you may encounter when using texcomplex.com are completely your responsibility.We shall not guarantee its safety and we are not responsible from the acts ,information or data of third parties.
13) BARCA keeps the right to terminate the membership of the members posting inappropriate information on the discussion boards and sue them at the courts.
14) BARCA is not responsible to check the existence of the contacts/connections members invite/accept.This remains the responsibility of each user.
15) Credit purchase is an action which is non-reversible and cannot be cancelled. Texcomplex.com may change the credit expense limits of sections in which credit expense is necessary and may make sections which are free of charge paid without notifying in advance.

"force majeure" will be used for events which can not be avoided although BARCA has taken all the precautions.Besides these natural disaster,rebellin,war,strike,communication problems underground and internet problems,power cut of and bad weather conditions are within force majeure.
In case force majeure takes place, BARCA shall not be kept responsible or asked for compensation for; membership confirmation delays,delays of announcement activation,delays in free or paid announcement confirmation.
Ones who enter to the site & members are assumed to accept the Terms and Conditions. texcomplex.com may change the Terms and Conditions by announcing the change date and announcement number.The change is valid on indicated change date.
For all the emerging and possible clashes to emerge from this contract,Turkish Courts are competent.

© Copyright 2012
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